LIMISAN is a painless plaster remover. It is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and effective removal of all plasters, bandage, tape and adhesive residue.

With the help of LIMISAN You can remove:

  • Medical and surgical tapes
  • Sports tapes
  • Medical patches
  • Sticky residues


  • Removes plasters painlessly
  • Does not sting/ does not irritate the skin
  • Works directly
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves no traces, dries quicly
  • Non-toxic and with fresh odor
  • Does not affect the application of a new plaster
  • Moisturizing


  • Family

    Limisan finds use in every home’s first aid kit. Because of today’s adhesives are manufactured to have a strong, sticky bond so that they remain firmly attached to the skin it also means that removing a plaster, adhesive bandage or band aid can both be painful and cause damage to the skin (especially for children and sensitive skin). With Limisan You can remove plasters and bandages without damaging the skin and most importantly – without pain!

    * Limisan is handy for removing temporary tattoos of Your little ones. Whether it is a picture of Peppa, a dinosaur or a fairy – You can clean their skin quickly before grandparents arrive for dinner! ?

  • Medicine (hospitals/ care homes/ transdermal patches)

    Limisan is dermatologically tested and designed for instantaneous non-traumatic removal of medical adhesives (incl. surgical tape, medical tape and plasters). After accidents, operations, burns, and medical treatment when plaster/ tape replacement is crucial, Limisan provides relief both for patient and the caregiver – no pain, no waiting time required and a new plaster can be applied straight away.

    Using Limisan is easy, quick and comfortable – there nearly no waiting and it dries fast, You will also be able to apply a new plaster right away. Just spray Limisan on the plaster and remove right away.

    Limisan is suitable for removing transdermal patches: nicotine and smoking-cessation patches, birth control patches, hormone patches (estrogen and testosterone patches) and pain relief patches, which can be sticky and not easy to remove. With Limisan the removal of a patch needs just spraying – no need to worry about pain or losing body hair! ?

    * Transdermal patches often leave sticky residues, which become dirty while sticking to Your clothes. In order to remove these dirty traces just spray a some Limisan on a paper tissue and wipe the residues off the skin.

  • Sports

    Athletes and sport enthusiasts often use sports tape/ kinesio tape. These tapes are used by physiotherapists, chiropractors, healthcare professionals and trainers. Whether you are engaged with ice-skating, tennis, boxing, running marathons or some other sports – Limisan is a practical aid to keep in Your sports bag. Just spray Limisan on tape/ bandage/ sticky residue – no pain, no mess and You´ll not lose Your body hair! ?


Skin is the largest organ for humans. Skin performs a range of different functions which include physically protecting bones, muscles and internal organs, protecting the body from outside diseases, allowing human to feel and react to heat and cold and using blood to regulate the body heat.

The layers of mammal skin include the epidermis, dermis and subcutis. The outer layer of your skin is the epidermis, which protects for injury.

When an injury extends through the epidermis into the dermis, bleeding occurs and the inflammatory response begins. This occurs more easily when having a fragile skin. Especially children and elderly people have fragile skin.

Plasters act as „a temporary skin“ when suffering from an injury.

Commercial plasters on the market today are great at staying attached to the skin, but often can do damage—such as skin tissue tearing—once it’s time to remove them. Removal of plasters and tapes hurts and can result in stripping away the epidermal layer of the skin in both the wound and periwound areas!

Electronic micrograph of dressing after removal

Result of stripping away the epidermal layer of the skin

  • Pain
  • Increase of wound dimensions
  • Delay of healing
  • Induce an inflammatory response
  • Potential permanent scarring
  • Increase of the risk of infection
  • Adverse psychological impact
  • Increase of healthcare cost